2021 brings life to a new Silent Titan manifesto. Wisdom is not just about learning, it’s about being aware enough to apply what you’ve learned when the time is right. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve come from or what you believe.

From the opening track ‘The A.M.’ featuring Ohio native Hakuna Bruv,the EPis sprinkled with a diverse range of influences from Childish Gambino to the Avalanches, all pulled together by Silent Titan’s signature swung beats and soulful, jazz productions.

Sydney based vocalist and newcomer, Apollo Fontane shines as a common thread throughout the release, with slick flows and finesse on ‘Blessings in The Breeze’ and ‘Momentum’ – the latter bringing a nostalgic late 90s East Coast vibe.

Ride’ is a neo-noir, 2049 conversation between the beautifully sweet vocal of Scooty and an introspective blast of punchlines and lyricism from the youngest son of the late, great, Big Pun , Chris Rivers. The 2 vocalists shining amongst a backdrop of hard knocking beats, industrial textural synths and rolling horns.

Track 5, ‘Let it Roll’ ventures into more psychedelic territory with evocative, grimey street raps from one of New York’s finest, Hus Kingpin.

With the release of Wisdom, Silent Titan builds on his legacy and reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative hip hop producers in Australia.