Following on from the success of ‘​For The Rest of My Days​’ (Obese records, Fat Beats NYC, 2011) , ‘​Outer Circle Movements​’ (Obese Records , Soulspazm , 2013)and more recently Pegz & Silent Titan – ‘​Equilibrium​’ (HydroFunk Records), The Silent Titan returns in 2019 with his forthcoming solo EP, ‘​Quiet Elevation​’.

Titan, who has been making a name for himself as a producer in Australia for the past 15 years, is eager to see how worldwide Hip Hop fans will take to his sound.“I always want to make records that can’t be pin-pointed or linked directly to one corner of the globe”, he says. His production style sees him carrying on the legacy of iconic sample-based producers such as Pete Rock and Madlib, building on the tradition that the greats have established before him.

He comments, “As a producer who has great honour and devotion for Hip Hop culture, I’m here to express to the world through my music what these pioneers have taught me through their production, build on that style and bring something new and fresh to the table.” ‘​Quiet Elevation​’ includes collaborations with ​MED​, ​Blu​, ​Kota the Friend​, ​Raff Alpha and ​Ozay Moore​, alongside the Australian-based talents of ​Minx​,​ Luke Dubber (​Hermitude​) and world class saxophonist ​E.Baker​. The drums hit hard, the sample chops are tight and the synths are heavy.‘​Quiet Elevation​’ is less reserved than his previous releases and sees The Silent Titan really coming out of his shell and exploring new sonic landscapes and arriving at a point where hip hop heads from around the globe will be forced to stop and take notice.