Award winning artist and producer Plutonic Lab returns, releasing music that comes drenched in striking R&B tones: new single, ‘Good Thing’.

Featuring frequent collaborator, vocalist Natalie Slade, ‘Good Thing’ revels in nostalgic and romantic vibes. Plutonic Lab, applying his expert ear for melody and arrangement, constructs a beautiful, dreamy soundscape that Slade’s rich vocals weave effortlessly throughout.

The genesis of ‘Good Thing’ started – as with most sonic ideas – in the studio, with Plutonic Lab working on different ideas at his Wurlitzer electric piano. The cyclical melody, coupled with the chords, became the base of the song and from there, ‘Good Thing’ would grow into something great. Inspired by the Wurlitzer melody, Slade found herself creating within a sonic scope that was built on beautiful decadence and fantasy.

“It gave me the space to dream and so I wrote a story about a lush romance.” Natalie Slade

The fantastical elements of ‘Good Thing’ make the track an immersive listen.

“Never give up on your good love, I won’t,” Slade sings, as orchestral strings swell around the lush production. The addition of brass and rhythmic builds beautifully, giving ‘Good Thing’ a rich vintage sound.

“I created a demo for Natalie that already had the basic drums (which were a kind of slow samba), strings, bass guitar and the Wurlitzer electric piano parts, I also added that popcorn synth sound that plays the melodic counter to the piano. I named the beat ‘Wurly Dreams’ and I think the title inspired Nat to write the song”. Plutonic Lab

Plutonic Lab and Slade have been collaborators for years, with Slade appearing on previous Plutonic Lab offerings, as well as their group project SOUNDS LIKE FRANCO. Slade has also been courting international attention for her solo work; her signing to UK label Eglo Records seeing her in the company of artists including Fatima and Floating Points.

Across the years and releases, the duo’s dynamism has strengthened; a strength that comes across so easily in ‘Good Thing’. It’s soul music that evokes memories of decades gone by, while still putting a fresh and contemporary foot forward.

‘Good Thing’ is the next offering from Plutonic Lab’s forthcoming EP ‘The New Ruins’. Stay tuned for more music and info in the coming weeks.