Award winning Australian producer, Plutonic Lab, is back with his latest single “All Mine” with Auckland based vocalist Miloux who recently won best R&B / Soul release at this year’s Aotearoa Music Awards. The song is taken from Plutonic Lab’s upcoming EP “The New Ruins” scheduled to be released in early 2021.

After returning from an adventure in California and the desert which was meant to be a detox from a demanding but incredible world tour with Hilltop Hoods in 2019, Plutonic Lab found himself back in his home studio thinking what would come next.

At the time Miloux happened to be visiting Melbourne touring Australia and was keen for some studio sessions. With the rare chance to collaborate with another producer it was a refreshing dynamic to have someone who could bounce ideas and be fluid in Plutonic Lab’s production space.

Miloux laid down the initial chords over a beat Plutonic Lab had sequenced and from that something special started to happen pretty quickly. Soon after the session the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the lyrics to “All Mine” took on a whole new meaning, especially during the months of lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria.

“The feeling of “All Mine” is getting out of your comfort zone, but there’s nowhere to go.” – Plutonic Lab

“All Mine” is the follow up to Plutonic Lab’s “Enemy” track featuring Detroit MC / Producer Black Milk which was a brutally honest look at the contradictions and priorities of the political and elite class of the United States that carries a message that resonates worldwide.