Plutonic Lab Feat. Black Milk – Enemy

Award winning Australian producer, Plutonic Lab, is proud to present his latest single “Enemy” with Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk. The song is taken from Plutonic Lab’s upcoming EP “The New Ruins” scheduled to be released this summer.

The two recorded the song together several years back while Black Milk was touring Australia. “Enemy” is a brutally honest look at the contradictions and priorities of the political and elite class of the United States that carries a message that resonates worldwide. Black Milk questions why “they concerned about a border” as he’s “more concerned by police manslaughter, out in Flint screamin’ something wrong with the water…”

Black Milk states the following:

“I wrote these verses a few years back while on a tour in Australia. Scary but not surprising to listen back and hear how relevant they are to what’s happened and is happening now – from racism and police brutality against black and brown people to the growing police state – in the US.”

“Enemy” is the first offering from Plutonic Lab’s forthcoming EP. Stay tuned for more music and info in the coming weeks.