Crime Heat is at the edge of darkwave hip-hop. The burgeoning producer creates dreamy tones and immaterial atmosphere and showcases his vocals with a startling dynamic. Racking up the hours as the in-house producer and tour DJ for Raiza Biza, his new single now creates the opportunity to explore this shadowy sound. Low Key Source is proud to have discovered one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets from Hamilton and his new single “Let It Go” is indicative not just of his style, but the quality of songs we’re learning to expect from Crime Heat.

“Letting go of people, feelings or bad energy is the narrative of this song. “Let It Go” is based on a mixture of past, personal situations and things I have seen my friends go through over the years, so in a way it’s a type of conclusion song. Music is one of my favourite forms of expression, and this song is a good example of why. With “Let it go” I wanted to capture a sombre but melodic mood, and still pack a light punch to give the message some emphasis. Welcome to letting go. I’ll see you on the other side.” – Crime Heat