Auckland by way of Wellington producer choicevaughan is next up in Low Key Source’s “The Headnod Factor” producer series, with his EP titled “Deadlines.” Flipping, looping and chopping samples old and new, “Deadlines.” is a collection of instrumental sketches made as a coping mechanism to get through the tail end of a long term, long distance relationship.

A sucker for anything with Soul regardless of genre, choicevaughan’s first foray into beat making was made while at Law school after discovering 9th Wonder’s sonic backdrop for Little Brother. Further influenced by the likes of Pete Rock, 14KT and Apollo Brown, choicevaughan’s sample heavy interpretations are rich in texture, often layered with horns, Rhodes, strings, vocal chops and synths.

choicevaughan has remained consistent in his sound over 3 previous instrumental releases, with a tempo and timbre that feels its most natural as the soundtrack to a late night drive. “The time I listen to music the most is when I’m driving, or taking public transport somewhere. I like to make music to suit those same type of journeys. To give that soulful backdrop to compliment the change scenery.”